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Soccer Shots at Amherst Christian Academy

Updated: Jul 18, 2023


Soccer Shots

Join us on Soccer Island for soccer skills & character-building curriculum designed specifically for kids.

Soccer Shots Benefits of Learning
Soccer Shots Benefits

WHY PLAY? The social interaction and activity that our players receive is more important then ever. We are trying to give children a time each week that they can safely be active, be around other children and continue to develop socially during these times. Our expert-approved curriculum focuses on the whole child. Take a look at some of our other program benefits!

Cognitive • Themes • Skill development • New ideas and concepts

Linguistic • Conversations • Character words • New concepts

Social Emotional • Builds confidence • Teaches sharing and turn-taking • Builds positive relationships with peers and adults • Opportunity to follow rules

Physical Soccer skills • Movement • Coordination • Balance • Lays the groundwork for a healthy and active lifestyle

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