What are We Really Teaching Our Children?

Each time my four year old son gives me a hug I am thrilled. The fact that he wants to give me or his mom, or grandparent a hug is a demonstration of his desire to interact with us, show affection towards another person and to be an encouragement. In the same way I am thrilled he would want to help with a chore inside or outside the house.

The other day, my son wanted to help me repair his, “Big Wheel,” tricycle. Even though he did not know how to help I included him by having him hold the tools, he was almost three years old. He stayed and watched, and we spent time together. It was a simple thing to ask of him, and he dropped the tools a couple of times, fortunately not on his foot or mine. He even told me I was fixing it wrong! But the experience for him was positive, and he learned by watching and helping. Next time he will be more likely to help.

In the classroom, the number one reason a student enjoys a subject is because they like the teacher. What kind of teacher am I for my own child? Am I inclusive? Am I patient? Am I encouraging? Chances are, if he wants to help next time, the answer is probably yes. Hopefully for him this will be a lifelong journey we can take together and he will demonstrate the character he observed with the added benefit of learning about how to repair his tricycle.

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