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Would you like to explore the possibility of your child attending

Amherst Christian Academy?


You will find further information by clicking on the buttons below. If you wish to apply for enrollment for the coming year,  the application form and registration fee should be submitted by March 28th. Past March 28th, the registration fee will increase. Once the application is submitted the principal will contact you to confirm enrollment and schedule a placement exam.



Schedule a tour of our school by contacting the office!  
We hope to see you soon!

To request more information:

Contact the School Office

Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm

(716) 689-9944

You can also request more information using this form:

Thank you for your message!




If your son/daughter currently receives busing, please click on the link to your district and follow the instructions to complete the application for 2024-25 transportation.  If you have already received one from your district and completed it, please disregard.  The deadline for busing applications is April 1st. 


If you have never registered for busing from your home public school district you will need to contact their administrative office to begin the process of registering.

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