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Thank You to all of our generous anonymous sponsors

as well as those listed below!


We would like to thank our donors for their generosity toward us and the ACA Spring Gala.

Thank You to all of our generous donors for our gala!

ACA Business Auction List

Business Name

5 Wits

Alethea's Chocolates

Arcade & Attica Railroad

Adventure Landing


Banchetti by Rizzo's

Buffalo Bandits

Buffalo Bisons Baseball

Buffalo Sabres

Buffalo Ski Club

Clay Hands Pottery

Colvin Cleaners

Creation Museum

Darien Lake

Destroyer Golf

DiCamillo Bakery

Dipson Theaters

Family Life Network

Grand Island Fun Center

Herschell Carrousel Factory

Irish Classical Theatre Company

Lucy Desi Museum

Medina Railroad Museum

Mighty Taco

Mississippi Mudds

Muscoreil's Fine Desserts

Niagara Climbing Center

Niagara Falls State Park

Niagara Wax Museum of History

Panes Restaurant

Paths Peaks & Paddles

Pet Supplies Plus

Presott's Martial Arts Academy

Remington Tavern

Russel's Steakhouse 

Salvatore's Hospitality

Sight & Sound Theatre

Sleepy Hollow Camp

Tantalo Fine Portraits

Uncle G's Ice Cream

Wurlitzer Pizza/Jamie's Ice Cream


 Would you partner with us to help provide a Christ-centered environment and an excellent education to students from Erie and Niagara Counties?  

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